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bStory Three Satisfaction/b

Most jocks would not shaving sex caught dead in the library.

However, being anything but the typical jock, I actually found the library to be a refuge from the rush of school life. Being a history buff most of my buds knew that they could usually find me hidden away in the stacks on those few days that there was no practice. I'm not embarrassed to admit it either I can be a bit of a geek. Plus it gave me chances to meet different sorts of people from the clique that I usually hung with, which was refreshing.

Now on that particular day, the fact was that I wasn't there for pleasure reading. I did have a paper due on Monday and what with football beautiful shaved pussy every day I had put it off, knowing full well that it would consume my entire upcoming weekend.

The back stacks were littered with stepstools that people could use to reach the upper shelves. Since I tend to get engrossed in the material once I pull it off the shelf, I usually parked my ass on a stool and looked over books before taking them back to my table. Cause the stools are only about a foot and a half off the floor, when I sit in them it tends to mask my height so that people wandering around can't see me through the shelves.

What had been meant as a quick glance had turned into a much longer read and I didn't realize, until I heard the hushed voices, that I'd become so engrossed in the French Revolution that I'd lost all track of time.

There were two people talking on the other side of the shelves.

From my perspective, I could just see the curve of their jeans as they wrapped over their shaved girl round backsides. And from the shape of each ass, I knew that they were of the feminine persuasion. Obviously, their backs were to me as they examined the books on the shelf. Realizing my advantage in the situation shaved vaginas leaned forward to get a better look, trying not to make too much noise.

"Fuck!" said the first girl in exasperation, taking me by surprise, "Where cunt shaved hell is this stupid book? I need it for class."

"Well I think it's pubic shaving bikini to be right here," said the other girl calmly, "I don't know why they have to use the Dewey Decimal System anyway you'd think there was an easier way. Some stupid fuck probably just put it in the wrong place."

"You don't understand, I need that book for Kaufman's class or I'm completely fucked," she replied in a voice tinged with hysteria.
"Look, Ali, it's going to be okay," said the other girl, "What the hell is going on? Are you on the rag or something? You've been a total bitch all day."

Duh, I thought to myself stupidly. Of free teen shaved pussy fucking they'd sounded way familiar. That Ali. Ali the homecoming queen. Ali the quarterback's girlfriend. Todd the quarterback and co-captain of the football team, good friend of mine, shaved pussy close that quarterback. Right, got it.

Ali paused before responding.

"It's Todd," she said matter-of-factly, as if that answered everything.

"Shithead Todd?" said the other girl, who could only be Nicole, Mike Anderson's girlfriend. Nicole and Ali had been inseparable as long as I knew them. "What's he done now?" she continued. shaving the pubic
"God, I feel so stupid," Ali said, fraught and sounding irritated.

"Yeah?" prompted Nicole.

I had moved close enough so that I could kinda see their faces through the shelf. Ali looked ready to cry, and she had raised her hand to her face, pushing back the strands of her incredibly long chestnut hair out of her eyes.

"Last night, you know I thought nude clean shave girls surprise him," she said softly. Seeing Nicole's nod of encouragement, she went on, "My parents are in Tampa, at that conference right? So I figured we could get together at my place. I figured it'd shave teens nothing to get lucky!"

"What'd he do?" the concern showing in Nicole's voice.

"Nothing! That's the whole fucking point. Jesus, I was practically fucking naked! Begging him to screw me! And he just sat there like I was a fucking cow or something."

"He's a stupid fuck," said Nicole sympathetically.

"The game was on, right? But like nothing I could do would get him to fuck me. I blew him during halftime, but shaved vaginas he just left afterwards. Am I so fucking vile? I mean, the sight of me in a bra and shave their legs isn't enough to get him hard?"

"Maybe he's queer?" said Nicole, but even she sounded unconvinced.

"No way!" said Ali, "He's fucked me before! But lately, he's just not interested. I'm getting desperate his cock was so good. So thick! Not like Ben at all."

This conversation was putting me in weird place. It was one thing to be one of the guys talking about the girls in the locker room, but this was an insider's shaving pussy movie that I'd never heard before. I wasn't so stupid that I hadn't realized girls must talk about guy's equipment and performance and all, but I'd just never heard it first hand.

Despite my curiosity, I decided I did not want to get trapped listening to this all afternoon. I got up and both of the girls instantly realized they weren't alone as they heard the heavy tread of my footfalls walk around the shelf to their location.

"Who's there?" said Nicole, impatiently, shaved sexual vagina before I rounded into their row.

"Oh, it's you Marc!" she said, catching sight of me, "Didn't expect to see you here. Eavesdropping," she added pointedly.

"Ummm, sorry," I said, blushing having been caught, "I was in the next row..." I stumbled over my words thinking of something to say. I caught Ali's eye for a minute, but she looked away.

"Look, I gotta run, but maybe this'll help with your paper," I said, handing Ali the book I'd been reading. "Got a lot of good stuff in there. Well anyway, I'll catch you later."

I smooth shaved vagina to walk back out the aisle.

"Hey, Marc?" Ali called as I reached the end of the row.

"What can I do for you?" I asked.

"Are you going to Jameson's party Friday night?"

"Well, I got a game Friday, and yugoslavia women with shaved cunts on Saturday, and I still haven't finished this paper."

Nicole looked at Ali for a minute, who'd gone all shy as if egging her on. I turned to leave again.

Suddenly, Nicole, taking the matter into her own hands, interjected in that guilty pleading tone I'd heard her use on her boyfriend, "Oh, c'mon, Marc," she said, "Practice boys shaved cocks that early, and you and Ali can work on your papers together afterwards. You'll ace it anyway you always do."

Ali gave her a look.

She was right I probably didn't need that much time to write a good paper. "Okay," I said, wondering what exactly was doing. "I'll see you guys there." pubes shaving flashed them my winning smile before I left.

Their conversation had really got me thinking. Ali and Todd had seemed joined at the hip. They were that sort of couple that drive single people crazy always looking so perfect together. And Todd hadn't mentioned that anything was going on, but then why would he? It'd be open season on Ali. She was by far the hottest honey in the whole school. Perfectly proportioned from head to toe, at about the height of my shoulder she would fit perfectly against me, and she was so delicate, I'd be afraid I'd break her if I held her too pictures of women getting the nape of their necks shaved She was supermodel material the kind a guy is lucky to get once in a lifetime.

The chance meeting with free shaved pussy and Ali was at the back of my thoughts all the next day too and Friday we had Kaufman's aforementioned history class together as well as English Lit so I kept running into her. blu cantrell shaved pussy and I didn't have any classes together though. I finally got a chance to corner him in the locker room before the game Friday night.

"Todd, how'ya doing, dude?" I asked him with a punch on the shoulder, "Long time no see."

He probably wasn't sure what to make of me. He was in my 'circle' as shaving the pubic hair we joshed around and all, but Steve and Greg were shaved virgin pussy buds I usually hung with, my best friends although our posse included a much broader circle of the guys, all of whom were on the football team. Todd was pretty steady with Ali so we didn't really give it much thought when he women shaving hair usually join us in our frequent and playful pursuit of the opposite sex.

"What's up, man?" he said warmly with a nod.

"Saw Ali, the other day," I said, "She said you guys were going to Jameson's tonight."

"Yeah, she said she didn't want to go last weekend, yesterday she changed her mind. Chicks, right?"

"Yeah, tell me about," I said.

"Dude, you got something going on for tonight?" he asked me with a grin.

"No, man, but maybe I can get laid tonight there'll be a lot of pussy there to choose from," I said returning his shit-eating grin. "But, hey man, you got free mature shaved pussy all bagged up and ready to go or what? She's tight, dude. You're one lucky shaved vaginas of a gun."

He suddenly grabbed my shoulder and pulled me closer to him in a conspiratorial huddle. He said in a shaved uncircumcised cocks voice, "Sometimes, dude, don't you ever just get tired of fucking the same old hole? You know what I'm talking about. You're a stud you've fucked half the girls here. A guy's gotta get it while he can, right? Maybe, I'm wasting my time with just one girl?"

I looked at him seriously, "Hey, man, I tell you one thing, I may get around, but if I had a sweet little body like that waiting for me, I'd give her more than just a blowjob, ya know? She's not the kind of girl you find just anywhere. She needs special attention."

He gave me a funny look. But then it was time to go and neither of us said anymore about it instead we headed out to play pics women shaveing pubic area game.

The game was short and sweet we kicked the other shaved pussy close uo galleries pic ass. I was pumped up from the shaved vaginas excitement. It didn't take a lot of coaxing from Steve and Greg to get me to decide to go, so we hit the road in Steve's pick-up truck and headed off to join the rest of the crew at the party.

Walking in the door, it was easy to see that this party was going to be just like every other party of its kind. Too many brewskis being drunk by the same old crowd. I held back the impulse to yawn, and then suddenly Jameson was there giving us an enthusiastic greeting and telling us that since his parents and sister where gone to look at colleges back east, we have our run of the place.

The stereo was cranked up and an impromptu bar had been set up in the kitchen. Everyone there was familiar on sight, so we decided to split up and see what our chances were for the evening's fun.

I wandered through the kitchen and picked up a beer xxx shaving the way and wound through the familiar layout of Jameson's house until I stumbled on hair shaving pubic and Todd. They were on the couch in the big family room that went off the back of the house.

They seemed pretty intimate so I was going to just turn around and join up with the bump and grind outside near the pool. Just then Nicole, who was sitting across the coffee table from them, spied my jacket.

"Hey, Marc," she called over the racket.

I thought for a minute of pretending that I hadn't heard her, but thought the better of it.

I looked over at her. She and Ali looked over at me and smiled. Todd was engrossed in a conversation with Mike reliving some memorable moment from the night's game by the look of it, but they nodded their hellos also. Nicole motioned shaved vaginas for me to come over. shaved teen pussys waved at her in acknowledgement.

"Be right back," I called shaving pubic area pics them and pointed to my beer, holding the bottle upside down signaling that it was empty. Ali frowned. I headed off to the kitchen. I was suddenly all self-conscious shaving bumps, genital area I didn't really want to be put in some sort of awkward position between Todd and Ali. shaved heads women piercing considered them both friends, such as they were.

I had thought I had escaped to the safe haven of the kitchen, but Ali appeared a few minutes later at the doorway.

"Hey," she teen xxx shaving softly, ignoring the story that a drunken classmate was telling to some girl on the other side of the kitchen island. "You're not trying to run girls shaving from us are you?"

"Well about the other day..." I started, really at a loss for what I shaved tasteful nudes to say.
i like girls shaved pussies worry about it," she said.

"Okay," I said.

"So do you want to dance?" she asked.

"What about Todd?"

"Oh, don't worry about him. He's talking sports with Mike it'll be hours before he comes back to this planet. shaved vagin she paused, thinking it over, "He doesn't like to dance."

She moved closer to me than was comfortable for friends, and I caught a whiff of her perfume. Any willpower that I might have had rapidly disappeared when she put her hand on my forearm and the clothed tips of her breasts brushed against my chest.

"Well creme pie pussy cum shaved like to dance," I said firmly, trying very hard not to shaved tight pussies the lips that were dangerously close to my own. If I had just inclined my head even a few inches I would have been pubic shaving the point of no return.

"Good, then," she said, with satisfaction "C'mon."

She led me by the hand out the back double doors to the Jameson family pool. Our classmates danced around the edges, while some others shave the bikini in a late night swim. The music was rough and it had a good beat. Ali was a little shy at first, but when she saw me getting into the rhythm, she moved in close, not afraid to grind against me. I couldn't suppress the male reaction of my body. She must have felt my cock as our thighs pressed together from dance to dance. Even through a couple of the slow songs, I didn't loose my boner. If she saw it or felt it she made no comment and we moved together for what felt like hours.

During the last song she pulled in real close to me like a lover and whispered in my ear, "Marc, can we go somewhere and talk?"

"If you want," I murmured back to her, completely under her spell.

She and I went back into the house. We headed upstairs to look for a secluded place. The first door I opened was Jameson's sister's bedroom, and the sweaty couple grunting in penis shaved bed made it perfectly obvious that it was occupied.

Our next try was just as fruitless. This room I knew to be Jameson's and whoever was in there had taken the precaution pussy shaving techniques locking the door, but their impassioned noises made it clear that they were as 'occupied' as the last couple. The muff shavingbig room left belonged pics women shaveing pubic area Jameson's parents. Score! It was empty.

I led the way inside. Still not sure at this point what was going pubic hair shaving pubic happen.

"What did you want to talk about?" I asked her turning around to see her lock the door behind us.

"It's been so long," she said, turning to face me. She snuggled into my arms and it felt so natural to have her there that I pulled her to me tightly, my body responding as it had earlier.

She moved up nude shaved gallery kiss my face, our tongues exploring each other's mouths.

I broke away from her embrace for a moment. "Are you sure you want to do this?" I asked.

"You heard me the shaved cunt pics day," she said petulantly, "If Todd won't give me what I want, then I'll look for it elsewhere. I figured, twins shaving pussy with what I heard about you that you'd be a good choice. Besides I know you you're a good guy."

I laughed, "What've you heard about me? Do I have a reputation or something?"

"Girls talk too you know," she said smugly.

Well that much was now obvious. Since I figured I knew where she wanted this show to end, my usual cockiness was coming on strong.

"So tell me what pictures of shaven ladies want," I said my hands squeezing those tender ass checks, pulling her closer to the bulge in my jeans.

She didn't seem to be wrestling with any great reluctance, as she said, "I want you," breathing bikini shaving my neck, "Not Todd." erotic shaving

"Be careful what you wish for," I said, softly, "You just might get it."

There was no battle going on in mind or in my jeans, I wanted to get it inside her badly. But if Ali was wrestling with guilt or anything else, there was no apparent conflict in her attitude towards me.

I looked into her eyes, and swallowed hard. Then I just went for it, caution to the winds. I put my hand on her cheek and quickly brought her face close to mine, to kiss her squarely on her luscious mouth. It was an easy kiss exploratory, her body very close to mine. Her lips separated reluctantly from mine. I looked at her shaved crotches again and then moved back in for another kiss, this time much harder than the last. Her mouth opened allowing me to snake my tongue into hers. She returned the favor, kissing me back passionately. Then my hands slid up her back and into her beautiful, long, dark hair our tongues exploring each other's mouths thoroughly. Her arms went around my neck, holding me close to her face as we sat back against the bed. Our lips were now making loud smacking noises, as our breath came heavier and heavier into each other's mouths.

Safely locked away in Jameson's parent's room, I didn't juicy shaved cunts any interruptions.

I was dying to touch Ali all over her body. I wanted to lick her like a cat. But this was so wrong. This was a buddy's girlfriend!

As Ali ran a hand down my chest slowly, I remembered my earlier conversation with Todd. I thought if he didn't appreciate her, I certainly did.

When Ali's hand reached the bulge in my jeans, gently rubbing over me, I sighed into her mouth. That was it. Fuck Todd! If he could let a prime piece of ass like armpit underarm hair shav get away from him, then the dumb fuck deserved to be missing out. I wasn't going to feel guilty that this precious creature wanted a piece of me.

Now more determined than ever I let my hand go down the front of her sexy body until it found the mound of her soft breast and I squeezed it gently.
"Oh, mmmmm..." was the response I got for my troubles, as Ali moaned in pleasure.

She was very turned on now, I knew her pussy must have been aching to be touched, to be filled. Her agile fingers undid the button on my jeans and tugged down my zipper, her tongue raced around in the back of my mouth.

By this point I was very excited, and very hard, having had a pubic shaving designs for over an hour. Her hand slipped beyond the elastic waistband of my boxers and I felt her cherry red fingernails glide through my pubic hair. I moved my hands down her body until they ended up between her covered legs.
Without much effort her little hand found my shaved cunt suckers hard dick and her fingers gripped it eagerly. She stroked me slowly, still kissing me free mature shaved pussy I rubbed her clit and crotch under the thin material of her white panties. I could feel the incredible warmth radiating from her pussy through the fabric. In that second I knew how badly she needed my cock in there. And, suddenly, I came in her hand inside my boxer shorts just like that kid in American Pie. I'd been so turned on by shaving videos tight body all night, that I'd come all over her like I was a virgin, rather than acting like the prize stallion I was. My actions were so unlike me, a guy who'd scored with over thirty of the most prime and eligible pussies at school.
"Oops," she said, pulling her hand out of my pants and up to her lips, licking my my pussy shaved cream off of her coated fingertips.

"I'm sorry," I said, embarrassed. My face was turning three shades women cutting shaving their hair head crimson, I was sure.

"Well," she said, encouragingly, "Todd used to call women shaveing pubic area a prick tease. I bet you're good for a least another round."
Without waiting to find out, she pulled my slightly softened dick out of my creamed underwear, and stroked it women shave their armpits as she leaned in to kiss me again. I moaned and felt renewed vigor in my eighteen year old, nine-inch meat.

I moaned softly again, throughout our kiss, and pulled away from her mouth to cover her cheek and neck with my lips, nuzzling her earlobe as my fingers went to work on her panties under her skirt. My lips found hers again, and my pussy shaved designs slid back into the mouth of my buddy's girl. My hand slipped into her panties. I could feel the curls of her sex shave pics lesbian trimmed pubic hair run through my fingers as I searched for her opening gate. When I felt her hot, silky wetness I knew I'd lesbian pussy shavings what I was looking for.

"Damn," she moaned, breaking away from our kiss briefly, letting her head fall back in pleasure, before kissing me again and with even more force than before.

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